It was a joy to create our debut TV Ad recently and we can’t wait for it to hit screens and the World see it!

On set

The boldness and audacity of our cast never ceased to amaze us. Even with temperatures well into single digits and a bitter March wind, they all put a smile on and strutted their stuff down The Northcote Road in Clapham, London without a care in the world.
The advert was great fun to shoot – but like anything it came with its own challenges. The weather definitely wasn’t on our side. But high winds, single digit temperatures and spells of hail didn’t stop us. The cast and crew really pulled together to make a truly bonkers creative. With the cast clad only in simple summer outfits to keep them warm, just out of shot were a host of assistants with warm jackets for between takes!

Given the nature of the weather it meant getting everyone involved in assisting with the takes. Runners and assistants provided wind breakers for the camera man, holding massive metal frames with plastic netting to make sure the camera shot was as smooth as possible. Lighting technicians ran alongside with reflective white polystyrene blocks. Quite a sight!

Saturday shoppers on The Northcote Road must have wondered what on earth was happening – but it was bold and that is the embodiment of the Smörgåsbord brand.