Renée Eskildsen

I am a bilingual actor from Denmark who graduated from The Actors Class and Identity School of Drama. I am versatile with an extensive experience with screen and theatre. Most of my work examines modern society as am an actress who is not afraid of stepping into the twisted areas of the human mind.

I began pursuing acting as a profession in the summer of 2014 – after I dropped out of University, left my apartment and family behind to move to London to work on making my dreams becoming a reality. My favourite quote of all time is “Dreams don’t work unless you do”. In my personal life I am due to become a Personal Trainer along being an Actress. I am passionate about mental health, body positivity, fitness, shuffling and eating food in front of the tv!

Louie Akinwale

I am Louie Akinwale and I am from London.

I have been working in the fashion industry for 3 years now. One of my great passions is designing bags and curating artwork for brands. I have had the privilege to work alongside Gucci, Moncler, Emporio Armani and recently Alexander McQueen. I thoroughly enjoy being in the creative space so when Charlie (Co Director) and Wilfred (Director and Exec Producer) approached me to participate on the Smorgasbord advert I was totally happy to be on board, as I knew from previous work with Charlie it would be a great exercise in creativity.

I am used to mainly walking down catwalks at fashion shows, but, I felt confident to act in such a charismatic way, especially as it was a very vibrant role and honestly it was just super amazing to be part of and was great to connect with the Swedish culture.

Jasmine Geohagen

I am Jasmine. I am a 55-year-old single mom from the Midlands, now living in Dagenham, East London with my beautiful daughter Charlotte and our 2 fur babies.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to be an Actor and perform in front of an audience. I remember being elated when I told my parents I’d be cast in the latest showcase at school. Around six or seven years ago I had to give up my job as a primary school special needs teaching assistant after a major health scare and illness. Worried about where my life was going, my daughter convinced me to get back into acting and to sign up as a Supporting Artist with the view of becoming a serious professional actor one day. So, without hesitation we both did this and have loved the whirlwind we’ve been on ever since.

My daughter is my rock, she describes me as a great foodie, ridiculously funny, kind and most importantly crazy. I think that last attribute is why I enjoyed the Smorgasbord advert so much.

Michael Townsend

When I retired three years ago, I was finally able to rekindle my passion in acting. This has been a lifelong fascination started out in the 70’s when I trained to be a stunt man and did some green screen work but had to be shelved so I could take care of my family. Since my retirement, I have been fortunate to have been in many adverts, feature films, music videos and documentaries.

Before my retirement I was involved in all sorts, at the age of 21 I coached trampolining to a very high level that allowed me to travel the world, I owned a hairdressing salon, taught people how to race whilst owning a race kart business and then went onto work as an engineer for a company called Slush Puppie for 10 years.

After I retired, I jumped at the opportunity to get back into acting and am so happy that I am now a member of this small but fantastic Smorgasbord family.

Jacqui Doherty

I first discovered my love of the theatre at an early age when my Nan used to take me and my siblings to the London Palladium as often as she could afford.

As a child we holidayed at Butlins holiday camps where every night we’d be first in the queue at the theatre for the nightly variety shows. A highlight of the holiday would be entering the junior talent show, with the chance to perform on the “Big stage” in the evening.

After leaving school at 16 I trained as a hairdresser and have enjoyed a long and successful career owning and running my own salon in Middlesex. However, throughout my career in hairdressing my love of all things theatrical has never left me and I have been involved in amateur theatre for many years, appearing in great productions such as “Made in Dagenham“ and most recently playing the part of “Aslan’s“ head in “Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe“ which was an amazing experience. I am also involved in a “Murder Mystery“ performance team. More recently I have been performing stand-up comedy on the London Open Mike circuit as well as breaking into professional acting, appearing in commercials and short films. In 2013 I was delighted to win “Hillingdons Hidden Talent“ Hillingdons own version of Britain’s Got Talent.

Joseph Simpson-Bushnell

I am a New Zealand-born actor who moved to London in 2010 for a two-year working holiday and still haven’t left. Despite having achieved most people’s dream of working in a customer services role for a TV shopping channel, in 2014 I was made redundant and quickly dusted off my MA in Drama and returned to acting before I could get tricked into taking on another ‘proper’ job instead.

Since then I have appeared in various music videos, adverts, short and feature films and stars as Philip in the Amazon Prime comedy pilot Table Read, while in person I have been unmasked as the killer at many a murder mystery event (occasionally I haven’t been the murderer which surprised even me). I have also portrayed a variety of real-life figures in documentaries, ranging from Ian Huntley to Al Capone. I am really happy to have added Smorgasbord to my repertoire.