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Pickled herrings with fresh dill and gherkins

Serves 4


–    500g Herrings or Trout, fresh or salted in brine

–    2 large tbsp fine sea salt

–    2 small tbsp caster sugar

–    1 tsp crushed coriander seeds

–    Freshly ground black pepper

–    1 small bunch fresh dill

–      2 tbsp of olive oil

–    Gherkins


Lay the Herrings down on a large piece of cling film. Mix together the salt, sugar and coriander seeds and sprinkle over the flesh side of the fish, then finish with a little pepper.

Wrap in clingfilm and put flesh side down in a small baking tray. If you are making two batches, lay the fillets on top of one another, if not, lay a small tray and similar weight to the fillets on top.

Refrigerate to cure for 8 hours, depending on the thickness of the fish, turning often.

When cured, remove from the fridge and carefully rinse under cold water to remove the excess cure, then pat dry.

Slice thinly and arrange on serving plates, topping with the fresh dill, gherkins, seasoning and olive oil.

Herring is delightful with fresh dark rye bread or accompanied by boiled eggs and our New potato salad.