Quiche Lorraine 400G


A combination of beautiful British smoked bacon with tangy cheddar in a classic marriage of flavours. This is mixed in with a free range beaten egg, seasoning and a splash of double cream. Next, mixture is poured into handmade, flaky pastry, direct from our kitchens.

This quiche Lorraine is a great addition to the family fridge. It is nutritious, convenient, versatile and equally delicious hot or cold. As well as being the perfect picnic sharing dish, our fabulous quiche Lorraine can be served as a great lunch or supper. The classic flavours have broad appeal and the last slice is sure to be fought over.


We aim to use local, seasonal ingredients wherever possible and are proud to support Great British farmers. This quiche Lorraine encapsulates many of the things we love most. British, quality ingredients in a tried and tested, quality recipe. We are proud of our quiche and are sure you will appreciate the efforts we have gone to.  We always choose our ingredients very carefully from suppliers who we know and trust. This results in a quality of meat that is hard to find elsewhere, particularly in ready-to-eat form. The practices we promote, use and endorse reduce animal stress and lower food miles.

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